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Indegy gives you complete visibility and control into authorized and unauthorized activities affecting controller configurations v

Mediation Procedure

Bureau of Middle East Recycling (BMR) serves as the regional forum and voice of the recycling industry in the Middle East. It exists as an organization of diverse recycling processors and stockists committed to promoting recycling awareness in the region, transforming handy resources into the industrial raw materials while preserving the natural resources.

BMR envisions strengthening cooperation among the Middle East suppliers and worldwide traders and consumers. Eventually placing recycling in the Middle East on the world recycling map.


It is our mission to promote environmental protection awareness in the Middle East while expanding the course of recycling industry in the Middle East through its members within the Middle East and through ambassadorship.

Sharing grassroots market information, industry trends and best practices; as well as to provide a means for appropriate lobbying to collectively address issues of all levels.

Post Mediations

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