Honorary Chairman Message

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Honorary Chairman Message

While at BMR we always strive to preserve the "7th Resource" I.e. Recyclables, for the sustainability of the major six resources (Air, water, oil, gas, coal and minerals), we must appreciate the most important resource which is "The Human Resource" behind BMR success, which is our most precious Resource.

10 years of devotion, cohesiveness and hard work of our board members, brought BMR to what it is today. Tireless work of our dedicated team work has put the Middle East on the "World Recycling Map".

Today, BMR has achieved Local and Global, recognition working hand in hand with BIR, and its 34 national associations. Mentioning for example, ISRI, CMRA, MRAI, and other associations, to promote recycling, protect the environment and advocates for free and fair trade. 

Achievement of 164 members and 600 delegates at the 7th BMR international conference, will continue to grow to serve our members, stakeholders, and promote CSR Corporate and Social Responsibilities

Through our regional recycling agenda, and action plan, our Recycling association has incorporated ideas and effective methodologies to cut down on millions of tons of carbon emissions, and preserved millions of trees and acres of land, in the collective mission to SAVE THE PLANET.

Our integrated leadership and transformative vision for better recycling industry and better world, has closely been working with regional and global agenda on cutting down on global warming, and better environment. In addition to creating employment, investment, and better future for our resources, and future generations.

BMR is committed to its stakeholders through proactive engagement. 

Participating with ISRI, CMRA, MRAI, ICCIA, ANMA, and foremost, BIR being the global umbrella for world recycling associations, has tackled trade issues and addressed policy makers in advocating for level playing field in our trade. Facing challenges embarked on our trade through trade war between China and the USA, was, one of our priorities at BMR. 

On regional level, VAT has been one of local challenges to be dealt with, considering the thin margin our industry is limited to, and the lengthy procedure involved in filing and reimbursement, I personally took the lead to visit Sharjah chamber of commerce and industry, to advocate for the exemption of VAT from our sector.

 Have met with decision makers, whom I have shared with, the vital roll our sector contributes, in the zero-waste vision UAE has set forward in 2030, and how on global level, our industry contributes in reduction of carbon foot prints and Global Warming.

I was also asked to submit a collective appeal from BMR members and stakeholders, for taking it up with the UAE CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE FEDERATION, who in turn, shall take it up with the Ministry of Finance and thus the FTA, in due consideration.

After leading BMR for 10 contentious years of success, and in long term vision to keep its growth, I decided to step down and hand over the reins to BMR vice president Mr. Nasser Aboura. Believing that succession plan is the only way to back up attained growth and to prepare for more and sustainable growth of BMR.

On my volunteer thought of stepping down, BMR board have decided to reciprocate my efforts, by electing me as” Honorary Chairman" for 3 years. 

This unprecedented post was a great HONOR for me to continue to serve BMR, and work closely with the new president, and EXCO, for betterment of BMR. on that context, its Honorable. BUT, as it shall remain, in my thoughts and endeavors, to continue to serve BMR not through more HARD work, but more SMART work.

I call upon all board members to count on my service in anyway it may be deemed of service to the board and to the industry.

Engr.Salam Al Sharif

Honorary Chairman

Bureau of Middle East Recycling